The Open University Scotland wanted an explainer video describing the next steps students need to take once they’ve registered for an online course or module. We opted for an animation, as this style of video is the best way to explain processes in a clear and understandable way.

The animation focused on the student’s point of view, with a character logging on to their computer and providing a visual step-by-step walkthrough of what they needed to do. Targeting a wide cross-section of potential viewers, a key remit was to make the whole video feel friendly, warm and approachable – and not intimidating! This video serves a purely functional purpose and is only shown internally to new students.

Animated explainer videos solve a unique problem in making the complex simple and are versatile enough to apply to any sector. They’re shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80% for businesses keen to explain how their product works and what problem it solves. Drop-offs from web pages with pure text and no video are also shown to be dramatically higher. You can watch our Open University Scotland videos below, as well as other animations we’ve made.