Global fashion brand Caterpillar wanted to create an online and in-store ad campaign promoting their men’s Nomad watch line. In line with their core brand principles and target market, they wanted a high-energy, high-impact video that showcased the toughness as well as the style of the watch range – in particular reinforcing their reputation for shock resistance, durability, sleek design and suitability as a timepiece for any activity.

We created a short, music video style ad that delivers high-velocity visuals to draw viewers in – licenced b-roll footage of surfers, skiers and other extreme sports – mixed with high-resolution imagery of the watch faces to contextualise them in the sports arena. The video ran on TVs in-store and across the web and social channels, resulting in an increase in sales online and in store once the ad went live. 

This is in line with research into the impact of online video ads on sales for the commercial market (B2C). Typically, 73% more people who watch product videos and ads go on to buy the product being advertised. You can watch our Cat Watches video as well as other brand videos we’ve created below.