The online courses market is booming. Students today are utilising educational videos as a tool for learning everything from changing a tire to the latest dance craze. More institutions are capitalising on this trend by using videos available online. The visual and auditory nature of educational videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them. The use of videos in teaching and learning serves to not only benefit students, but also teachers and their institutions. These can include information for enrolling in courses, investigating extracurricular activities, coursework and provide opportunities for student feedback and assistance. Lectures can be viewed to allow for more practice and skill-related activities. Educational videos are accessible at the student’s convenience and can be watched numerous times. They help learners to see and hear the concept being taught which creates a more engaging sensory experience than using print materials alone. Digital videos facilitate remote learning opportunities where teachers can reach students from all over the world and also increase the earning capacity of the institution.


Each year The Open University rewards its lecturers who’ve made outstanding contributions in their fields. Whether it’s going the extra mile to help students, bringing something new to their module or adding new research, it rewards those developing excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

As part of these awards, we work with The Open University to create profile videos of the award winners showcasing their stories and what they did to win. These videos are used across lots of Open University channels to showcase their expertise, demonstrate their good practice approach to growing the teaching-learning community and to raise general awareness of their courses of offering.

Due to the educational nature of the video content, we opted for a documentary-style approach to these videos. Typically around the two-minute mark, they’re long enough to convey an important message but short enough to keep viewers engaged. Talking headshots from the lecturers help explain the core message while b-roll and contextual footage helps tell the story. You can watch all our Open University videos below.


The Open University Scotland wanted an explainer video describing the next steps students need to take once they’ve registered for an online course or module. We opted for an animation, as this style of video is the best way to explain processes in a clear and understandable way.

The animation focused on the student’s point of view, with a character logging on to their computer and providing a visual step-by-step walkthrough of what they needed to do. Targeting a wide cross-section of potential viewers, a key remit was to make the whole video feel friendly, warm and approachable – and not intimidating! This video serves a purely functional purpose and is only shown internally to new students.

Animated explainer videos solve a unique problem in making the complex simple and are versatile enough to apply to any sector. They’re shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80% for businesses keen to explain how their product works and what problem it solves. Drop-offs from web pages with pure text and no video are also shown to be dramatically higher. You can watch our Open University Scotland videos below, as well as other animations we’ve made.

View example videos:

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