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Manufacturing, engineering and tech companies often work at the cutting edge of innovation. But it can be difficult to explain what you’re capable of, which is why video is the perfect tool to showcase what you can do. Your video can be used to show the end to end production process, demonstrate your products, provide support and showcase the expertise of your employees. Including the perspective of engineers and other technical professionals in your videos can provide a more personalised and human touch. Drone footage, time-lapses and 360 videos can also enhance in the showing of your facility. Videos have already proven to be an effective marketing channel for technology and manufacturing businesses and the importance of this compelling medium will only continue to grow in the future.


Bison Machinery has been providing high quality metalworking products to the sheet metal and fabrication industry since the 19th century. As part of its continued success it’s constantly innovating new products to meet modern demands and match modern technologies.

Bison approached us to help create a video showcase for its latest product, the Antil APR Press Brake Bending Robot, with a focus on how its robot automation technology can improve efficiencies and reduce production downtime. Instructional and informative, the concept was to incorporate the video into Bison’s online brochure so prospective clients around the world could see what it looked like and how it worked without having to travel to see it in person.

When it comes to showcasing new technologies – both hardware and software – to potential clients and customers around the world, video is the best medium. It gives you the opportunity to show what technology can do, how it works and how it can benefit your business in myriad ways, from cost saving to customer engagement. You can watch Bison’s video below as well as our other technology focused films.

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