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Video content for travel, hospitality and tourism bridges the gap by giving customers a more in-depth look of what hotels, restaurants, and travel experiences are really like, all before booking. They can consist of everything from hotel videos to action-packed adventure trips, giving your audience an opportunity to see exactly what’s on offer, influencing decisions to pack up and book.Travel and hospitality brands can use video to focus on what makes them unique and enticing, and eye-catching visuals communicate the ambiance of a location. Video is especially powerful for restaurants and food businesses, which can be used to show recipe videos, cooking demos, and behind-the-scenes clips. It can bring to life the unique features of an experience or destination like few other mediums, playing a valuable role in guiding your consumer through the entire journey, from destination consideration, research and selection, too booking.


Cruise Nation was looking to create a series of short, punchy advertisements to showcase its cruise deals on Carnival, MSC and Norwegian cruise lines. Targeting a young adult and family audience, Cruise Nation wanted to explode people’s preconceptions of cruises as for older, wealthy holidaymakers.

To do this we created a series of 20-second high-impact ads full of the fun, excitement, activities and pleasures a cruise can offer would-be cruisers. Such a project required no fresh filming from us, and instead we had full access to the video and image asset banks from all the cruise companies, which we edited together into a high octane overview accompanied by a voiceover and price points.

These kind of ad campaigns give viewers a try before you buy experience which has proven invaluable to businesses across industries, but particularly in experiential sectors like travel. Powerful visuals and music have an uncanny way of being able to transport viewers to far flung locations, hotels, restaurants and experiences – and 64% of people considering their next holiday will watch a travel-related video before they book.

You can watch our Cruise Nation and other travel videos below. And remember, we don’t just edit but also shoot travel videos – made even more effective with our drone and 360 video capabilities.

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