The Medical Research Network (MRN) provides a suite of services to facilitate running community-based clinical trials worldwide for pharmaceutical and contract research organisations.

The MRN came to us looking for videos that showcase their commercial services, technologies, scale and vision behind what they do and why. They were keen these videos not only clearly demonstrated their customer-first approach, but also showed their human side, vision for the future and best-practice approach to health care. Educational in nature, we took a documentary-style approach using multiple talking head shots from key people to explain often complex topics. We backed these up with a variety of b-roll footage, from infographics to product and location shots.

The great advantage of this type of educational video is that its multi-purpose. It can be used on company websites – ‘services’ and ‘about us’ pages – to help explain your approach, what you do and who you are. But they’re also in-depth enough to work well at events – conventions, expos, presentations – where they can quickly and effectively convey your message to a wider audience. You can watch our MRN videos below.