An ident is one of those industry terms that not everyone may be familiar with. Essentially it’s a very short animated video segment, usually with a logo, name or key message included, that can be used in lots of different ways, such as for video intros, website features and marketing materials. 

Optim-Eyez is a digital marketing company that needed some ident intros and outros it could use to animate and bring to life its personal branding course videos. Aligning with the slick, colourful website and existing branding, we created three punchy, fresh idents using visual and sound effects to introduce and contextualise the course, each lasting less than 10 seconds.

These kind of idents are extremely versatile and can be used again and again in a plethora of different scenarios, online and for videos, presentations, talks and trade shows – and they’re particularly effective on social media. They quickly and clearly reinforce your brand position, increase brand awareness and deliver a short, sharp marketing impact in only a few seconds. You can watch our Optim-Eyez idents below as well as some other intros and outros.